Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm a straight ally and I'm proud!

So with all the recent events in the LGBT community I just thought I'd write a little bit on my thoughts etc. First, I'd like to say that my heart goes out to the families of the suicide victims and feel that it's absolutely horrible that these people were bullied so much that they felt like the only way to get any peace in their life was to end it.

So I'm a straight ally. If you don't know what that is, it's a straight person that supports the rights of the LGBT community. I grew up in a rather conservative but somewhat accepting family. I say somewhat accepting because my family always told me to be nice to everyone yada yada. However, a lot of my family voice to each other that they don't support the LGBT community but of course wouldn't say anything to their face about it. I don't know how I turned out like I have, but I'm glad that I did. Maybe it's because I have gay and bisexual friends? I'm not sure however, I fully support the equal rights of the LGBT community.

I really only have two main things to say: Regardless of someone's sexual orientation, they should still be treated the same and given the same rights as everyone else. They are people, plain and simple. There are so many people out there opposing gay marriage. Why? It's based on some notion that they believe that God hates homosexuals and is going to send them all to hell. First off, I believe in God and I'm a Christian. Having said that, I believe God made everyone the way they are and that being homosexual etc. isn't something that someone chooses. It's inborn. Therefore, I pose this question. If God made everyone the way they are, and he hates homosexuals then why would he make them that way? Why would he make us all so different if he wanted us all to be the same? The answer: God loves us all, homosexuals etc. included! Deal with it! Going along with people's religious objections; who gave them the right to judge others? Thou shalt not judge, it's in the bible peeps, look it up! Therefore, even if I did go along with this notion that all homosexuals are going to hell, WHICH I DON'T, it's still not for you to judge! So what if gay marriage is legal? It's not affecting you! Therefore, leave it alone, let gay marriage happen! If God were going to punish these people in the end, which again I don't agree with, then that's between them and God. It's none of your business. Honestly, this world would be so much more peaceful if people would stay out of everyone else's business. Anyway, that's all I have to say for the moment. Again, I'm a straight ally and I'm proud of it!