Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I'm using right now...

So I this looked kinda fun so I stole it from Lollipop26...

The basic premise is this - you tell us what you are using right now for every element of your routine: from face to body to hair.

Shampoo: Bed Head moisturizing shampoo

Conditioner: Bed Head moisturizing

Styling products: Pantene heat protector, Aussie awesome volume hairspray, garnier shine spray

Shower gel: Dial milk and almond

Deodorant: lady's speedstick...I can't remember the scent...maybe shower fresh

Moisturizer: Suave advanced therapy, and some stuff from Bath and body works in random scents

Cleanser: Ponds cream face wash, equate makeup remover wipes (basically the generic version of clean and clear)

Eye makeup remover: equate eye makeup remover

Exfoliator: St. Ives Apricot scrub (simply the best!)

Foundation: Either Covergirl Trueblend whipped foundation (I don't recommend it, but I'm trying to use it up) or Maybelline mineral foundation

Concealer: Wet N' Wild...

Powder: Usually if I use liquid foundation I use my mineral foundation to set it which I like because it gives me some extra coverage.

Blush: Rimmel Pink Rose

Highlighter: I typically use any white eyeshadow with a little shimmer to it

Eyeshadow base: Typically a nyx jumbo eye pencil

Eyeshadow: I have so many different brands, mostly drugstore. Mostly Loreal hip

Eyeliner: Either a pencil from Avon or for liquid the loreal lineur intense in carbon blackMascara: Maybelline colossal in glam black

Lipstick: Usually either maybelline in the buff or covergirl pillow pink. I love the maybelline and the covergirl is ok, it's just kindof weird on the lips like there is more in some places than others, so I usually put gloss over it too...

Lipgloss: Prestige wonderfull plumping gloss in chic or C.O Bigelow tinted lipgloss

Nail Polish: It varies, usually dark colors but typically whatever is cheapest.

What are you using?
18 February 2009 16:56

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